Why You Should Never Take Steroids

Hello guys, In this article I want to discuss why you should never take the steroids you see bodybuilders take which are called Anabolic steroids.

They resemble the testosterone, and will cause you to have more body hair as well as physical strength and muscle.

On the off chance that you have problems with your bones, appetite, or are having a hard time going through puberty, your doctor might prescribe steroids to help you.

Before we move on, it’s important for you to know that they’re extremely powerful, and you should never use them without medical supervision.

Here is the reason:

1. Some of the “steroid oil” will not dissolve.

Can you imagine shooting yourself with a lot of oil that won’t ever dissolve? There was an experiment conducted some time ago in which Craig Davidson talked about his experience with the illegal steroids.

He said he experienced so much pain after using anabolics, he thought his body was actually trying to fighting off the steroids he was taking.

Instead, what happened is the oil he was injecting himself with accumulated under his skin and sat there for weeks.

He walked around for an extremely long time with lumps of fluid right under his skin, and it hurt like crazy!

2. Emotional episodes.

Imagine not being able to control whether you’re angry, depressed or aggressive.

This might not seem like much, but what steroids do for you is they make it literally impossible to control your emotions. You might even be headed to brutality against family or friends in case you’re sufficiently incited.

It’s terrible.

3. Ulcers.

While most people suffer from acne as they take steroids, in some cases, that acne can turn into ulcers.

When that happens, there’s going to scar that’s impossible to get freed of, not to mention the fact that you’ll need to get hospitalized to make sure the ulcers don’t do permanent damage to any of your internal organs.

4. Additional side effects:

Beneath you’ll find a short list of popular sideĀ Brutal Force effects that taking anabolic steroids will usually cause:

– Inability to sleep.

– Feeling paranoid.

– Being bleary eyed.

– Urinary problems.

– Inability to have children.

– Increased circulatory strain.

– Stunted growth.

– Liver damage and jaundice.

5. You’ll feel like a cheater.

The last reason why I don’t recommend using steroids is that while it is great to achieve your fitness goals quickly, on the off chance that you use them, you’ll deny yourself of the feeling of accomplishment.

Taking steroids is like playing a computer game with a cheat sheet in front of you. It might be amusing to beat the game quickly, but soon you realize you’ve missed all the enjoyment and thrill that came from actually playing the game and figuring it out.

Last words.

On the off chance that the above hasn’t convinced you, I ask you to go see a doctor about this. Talk to a competent professional who’ll gladly tell you why you should not take steroids.

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