3 Ways to Reduce Shipping Costs

Domestic and international shipping can sometimes be extremely tricky.

As the sender, you have to know that there are effective ways to do shipping. It’s important to find out what works best for you in order to send your packages with less stress and lower fees.

There are certain mistakes you should avoid each time you need to ship items.

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1. Get the recipient’s complete address information.

Whether you are sending a package for a friend or family member or a customer you’ve met online, getting the complete address information is absolutely crucial. You will have the option to estimate your potential expenses better on the off chance that you have the right address.

Also, this is vital to ensure that the package is received by the right person. You will probably be required by a client to send another package (or to at least return their money) in case you mistakenly send the item to a wrong address. This is something shop & ship you should really know about.

Aside from the full address, you may also want to get the individual’s contact number. Shipping companies will use this information in case they are having a hard time locating the right address.

2. Use appropriate packing materials.

Of course, it is highly necessary to ensure the safety and security of your package. Bubblewrap, packing peanuts, styro, cardboards, and other materials can be exceptionally helpful. Utilizing these tools can save the package from shipping-related damages – which is something that should not happen in the first place assuming you want to make the recipient happy.

A purchaser will probably ask for a replacement if at any point he sees that the ordered product has serious damages. This means you will have to spend twice the intended amount for both the product and the shipping fees. So take note of this tip and do your shipping the right way.

3. Measure and weigh your packages.

It makes sense to avail of an actual shipping scale in the event that you need to avail of shipping services often. The main reason here is that shopping around and looking for a decent shipping company will be so much easier as long as you have the essential information at hand.

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